In my practice I aim to transcend the conventions of traditional landscape painting in order to present the viewer with a sense of space that, through both expressive mark making and the thin layering of oil paint, goes beyond the physical and real to evoke a sense of somewhere ‘other’.

     Through the omission of a clear structure and horizon line, I use both suggestive and expressive marks, combined with a varied palette to allude to the natural environment in attempt to capture and represent the energies and forms it possesses. Familiarities found within the paintings provide the viewer with a sense of stability and recognition with the world they are accustomed to, while the more abstract formations deliver a sense of escapism.

     It is my aim that the work provokes questions of the metaphysical and hints at the sublime, challenging preconceptions of our existence within nature and addressing our inferiority and mortality in relation to it.

   The paintings themselves are made in response to my own experiences and relationship with the natural environment and, painting impulsively, I let this be the source that I work from and build my compositions through methods of abstraction to create a final image that is free from formal structure and is open to interpretation.