Hello everyone! 

AWOL Studios, where I am based, is having its 12th open studios evening! 

Please feel free to come along and say hello if you are in the area and take some time to go around the studios! Meet people, make business connections, see some great art and have a drink! 

This will be my first open studios event, so I am very excited to see who will come along! 

December 1st 6pm - 10pm

Hope Mill, Pollard Street, Manchester M4 7JA

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Thank you!

Thank you the collectors who have recently bought work! 

I can now say that I am an internationally selling artist - and that feels great! 

Here I am just about to package up 'Everyone Leaves' and send it off to its new home in the USA. 


I am very grateful to have been included in the first string of artists for this year's 'Invest in Art' feature on Saatchi Art. 

It is incredible what Saatchi Art does to promote and help recent graduates and new artists such as myself and I am very honoured to be up there with ten other artists from around the world, all of whom make incredible work. 

Thank you Rebecca Wilson & Saatchi Art! 


Click here to view!


My work is now available to buy via Saatchi Art! 

I am very excited to announce that my profile is also due to be advertised this April as part of their 'Invest in Art' feature for 2016. 

Head on over to my profile to see what I've got for sale....


Out of the studio...

I have managed to get myself out of the studio this week and to the Pyrenees in Spain for some skiing. There really is something incredible about being dominated by mountains in all directions or standing on top of the highest peak with wind battering your eyes and ears. 

What I love about skiing as well is that you are really in contact with the elements while being truly at its mercy and despite the dangers and changeable conditions, you exchange that risk for fun-filled adrenaline that is rewarding beyond anything else. It is such a fantastic way to explore and enjoy the mountains.  

I love placing myself in nature as it informs my work so heavily and I think it's so important to spend time out of the studio and bring back experiences and raw energy, so that the energy can be met with paint. 

I Now Have a Blog!

Although I post quite a lot of images on Instagram of things I'm working on in the studio, I thought that it would be good for me to keep updates, news and general ramblings on here too! 

So, if you don't follow me on Instagram or anything like I thought that in my first post I would start by introducing myself... 

...My name is Georgia, but you will have gathered that from the title of my site. 

   I am 23 years old and a 2015 Fine Art graduate of the Manchester School of Art. I currently live in the North of England, not too far from Blackpool and have chosen to move home temporarily.
    After graduating from university, although I did want to stay living in the city where I could go to galleries everyday, listen to live jazz whenever and have the option to go eat at a Chinese restaurant at 2am, I decided that to keep on making work I would have to leave. If I'd have stayed I would be reluctantly in a full time job, just to afford to live and if I could afford to rent a studio on top of that I'd have almost no time to use it. Instead, I work part time in a seafood pub and dedicate the rest of my free time to continuing with my practice.
   On moving home, I cleared out and renovated a shed that we have in our garden and made it into a studio to work in - and I have to say, I am completely made up with the space. I'm sure that anyone who has shared studio spaces at university will know that feeling of being slowly suffocated by artworks building up around you and the fear that either you or another student will accidentally damage something you're finally happy with. I do miss the conversations though!